About the Golden Nose Nudge

DVGRR’s Golden Nose Nudge was written by Donna Baker, formerly the Education and Community Awareness Manager for Delaware Valley Golden Retriever Rescue (DVGRR). Donna was a long time volunteer with DVGRR before joining the staff as  full time employee in 2007. She served as Adoption Manager and Newsletter Editor for five years and moved to the Education/Community Awareness position in 2012.

DVGRR is a nationally recognized, full-service Golden Retriever rescue dedicated to finding new beginnings for displaced Golden Retrievers. You can read more on their website about surrendering a Golden in need of a new home or adopting a Golden to add to your family.

To contact Donna via email, write to donna.baker125@gmail.com.


2 comments on “About the Golden Nose Nudge

  1. annette says:

    Looking forward to this blog!!!

  2. Karen Fritz says:

    Ditto, Annette! Thanks Donna…Looking forward to learning everything there is to know and more about goldens…

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