Buddy’s Bumpy Christmas (It’s Not What You Think)

For those who know the story of Buddy, a formerly terrified puppy mill breeder dog adopted from DVGRR last summer, you might think the worst when you see the word “bumpy” used in this post. After all, Buddy’s whole life prior to rescue was one filled with much pain and little joy, and his homecoming to the Slawecki family was far from smooth sailing in the beginning.

But, rest assured, this is a happy story and any tears you shed will be ones of gladness for brave Buddy!

Since I last wrote about Buddy, his progress has been typical for a puppy mill breeder dog – he takes the proverbial two steps forward and one step backward. Chris and Jill have learned to quietly cherish each milestone, no matter how small, and Chris especially has learned many lessons about patience. Buddy is still much less comfortable around Chris than he is around Jill, but Chris, sharing in the qualities of others in the forefront today (i.e., a very wise man!), knows that won’t always be the case.

And today surely proves that point. I’m sure you’ll enjoy this lovely message from Chris describing Buddy’s first Christmas as much as I did when I received it this morning. It gives “bumpy” a whole new meaning!

Merry Christmas morning! 

Buddy’s first Christmas morning home was beautifully uneventful. I came downstairs at dawn and his tail began thumping as soon as he saw me touch down in the living room. (Right now, I am scratching and petting him with my left hand. He enjoys getting out of his safe spot, circling over to the computer to bump me with his nose/forehead, so I’ll pet him, then circling back to his safe spot and soon beginning all over again. I will signify with a ‘bump’ in this email each time he does this). BUMP. 

Got Buddy and Faith on their leashes and took a beautifully quiet Christmas morning walk. Bathroom and stretching. When I left them in the yard to dispose of trash in the dumpster, I saw Buddy leaping and pawing at Faith, racing up and down the yard, while she tried to keep up with him. BUMP. He really looked close to joyful.  

In the house for a special Christmas morning hamburger breakfast. Buddy just kind of casually strolls over to the water dish for a good long drink while I’m in the kitchen making breakfast. Breakfast gone within a minute or two of me putting it down in front of him. BUMP. 

The three of us enjoy some more petting and quiet talk and then we hear mom (Jill) coming down from upstairs. They bolt from me and sit (try to sit) at the bottom of the steps but their wagging tails and jumping for joy make it difficult. Mom comes down and sits on the landing and pets and pets and talks and cuddles. Now mom’s sitting on the sofa, drinking her coffee, and Buddy sits adoringly at her feet, every so often putting his chin on the sofa to let Jill know he’d like to be petted some more. 

A completely unremarkable wonderful Christmas morning. I never saw a morning like this coming last July, that is for sure. I guess after five and a half months you learn how to weave each other into the fabric of your own life. He seems more wildly handsome if that’s possible – his posture is straighter and more confident and his face more curious and expressive, his eyes more communicative. 

Thank you all for the gift this Christmas morning.  BUMP.

Even quiet Christmas mornings can lead to a nap! Faith on the sofa and Buddy ever close by.

Even quiet Christmas mornings can lead to a nap! Faith on the sofa, Buddy ever close by. May all your bumps be good ones!


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7 comments on “Buddy’s Bumpy Christmas (It’s Not What You Think)

  1. BREdwards1 says:

    Ahhhhh, how sweet! Thanks.

    Regards, Barry

  2. Julie Rudolph says:

    A wonderful way to end my day. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Tracey says:

    So wonderful to hear! Wishing you many more quiet but love-filled years together!

  4. chris n jill slawecki says:

    thank you all very very much. many and large BUMPS back at ya!

  5. Margaret Georgia says:

    God Bless DVGRR, the Slawecki’s and Buddy! Reading about Buddy and the Slawecki’s has tears running down my face. Please give Buddy an ear scratch for me 🙂

  6. Melissa Mercer says:

    Well you were right about the happy tears. A Golden Bump from a puppy mill survivor is something to celebrate with bells and whistles, only you can’t because you have to quietly cheer their new found confidence in order to encourage it. God bless his family and bless Buddy for trusting in them.

    • Donna Baker says:

      So well said, Melissa! I am one who likes to get very enthusiastic about praise but you are right that with a puppy mill dog it must be tempered so as not to overwhelm them. Same with little dogs — I once scared a little dog by being overly effusive because I’m mostly used to working with big dogs! A good lesson to learn. 😉

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