Golden Gadabouts – More Pics!

Steve Jackson loves taking pictures and videos of his three Goldens (two from DVGRR), and they love to accompany him on bike trips and other excursions. Steve sent this cute photo of the boys (Max and Harley) taking a dip after a six-mile hike at Atsion Lake, NJ last April.

“Although Harley is swimming fanatic (hard to get him out),” says Steve. “Max always enjoys a cool dip on a warm day.” The boys have a beautiful Golden sister named Katie at home too!

I also heard from adopter Kathy Sazonov, who adopted a puppy mill breeder dog from us (Sheela)  in April 2011. Kathy and her husband have another Golden (Shelby) and a Golden Doodle (Toby). A few years ago, they impulsively rented a car, packed up their dogs, and headed off on a road trip with no predetermined itinerary. Now, that is adventurous! The Sazonovs ended up at Watch Hill, Rhode Island, which Kathy says is gorgeous! Here’s a family photo taken on that trip — the Goldens are the two that preceded Shelby and Sheela in the family, but the Golden Doodle is Toby, still with them today.

Watch Hill, Rhode Island — a very nautical destination!

Oh yes, here are some more great traveling tips, courtesy of Dr. Nancy Kay, author of  Speaking for Spot: The Best Health Care Book for You and Your Dog  (a great resource for pet owners, by the way). Dr. Kay recently posted an article about On the Road Veterinary Emergencies that is full of excellent ideas. I plan to implement a number of them myself when Alli and I head off for our vacation next month.

More photos of Golden Gadabouts (and their non-Golden friends) are welcome!


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