Golden Gadabouts II — Pictures!

Gilbert learned to run into the beach ahead of the waves after he got swamped a few times. Pam said he also loved playing in the little pools that form when the tide is out. He even tried digging for clams a few times!

I was delighted to receive two photos from DVGRR adopter Pam Hunt, who took her Golden boy Gilbert (05-143) to Ocean City, MD last October. Pam reported that Gil’s first trip to the beach the year before was mostly rained out. On their next try, however, the weather was more cooperative and Gadabout Gil had a “GRAND sandy and wet time!”

“I wish I would’ve taken him when he was two or three — he’s seven now,” Pam wrote. “I don’t think he ever swam before he came to me but once he tried it he loved it.” Good boy, Gil — so glad you had a fun vacation at the beach!

Anyone else have photos to share? Send them to me at if you do!

Oh boy, you can almost smell that lovely “wet dog” aroma looking at this picture! All in the name of Golden Gadabout fun, right??


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